• Healthy life for a meaningful journey

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Starting with a bike


HeartsRoute - Safe Road Bike Routes

Control your diet

Eat healthy

HeartsDiet W1

Check your health data

Coming soon

HeartsDiet W1 Scale

Prompted delivery, good packaging, accurate weight scale, solid and great product quality (plastic exterior having metal frame), vivid display, ultra-portable, sturdy hinge to fold/unfold and weigh , easy to use.

Y. Kang

HeartsFit Cycling Socks

They are very good quality and durable with compression. The arch band help keep the socks in place and they don't move around when doing physical activity. And one of the best features I like about these are the wicking properties of the sock. My feet are noticeably drier and not as smelly with these socks.

J. Ahn

Hearts Bio Inc.


At HeartsBio, our mission is to empower and equip you to take control of your health through diet, exercise and self-monitoring


Starting with the Google Ara Project in 2014, HeartsBio brought top talent together in its California headquarter to create a new concept in healthcare.  We noticed that even though many health issues can be avoidable with a simple approach, the health industry was compartmentalized and without holistic approach. As a medical company, we are seeking to interweave diet, fitness and self-monitoring medical devices in order to make living a healthy life accessible.

HeartsDiet : tools to make healthy eating an enjoyable experience
HeartsFit : equipment to keep you moving and staying fit
HeartsCheck : self-monitoring medical devices that are reliable and easily accessible

Hearts Bio Inc.


Looking for something for someone special? HeartsBio products is the perfect gift!


Contact us

1941 California Avenue #77154 Corona CA. USA 92877

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm



+ Saturday, 7:30am Bike riding at Yorba Linda

Please check @heartsbio Facebook events

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